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October Story: Color Rains

Ekim Ayı Hikayesi: Renk Yağmurları

In Silk and Cashmere, bringing combinations with stories, this story appeals to those who love to reflect the entertainment in the "color rains"! Fashion, you can show yourself bravely, you will not be afraid of trying, and a playground you will be as great as a playground ... The most valuable and timeless classic cashmeaers make a fun journey with Tweed models that make up the story of this month.

Tweed upright collar tunic The gray tones and the pale pink association of the forefront of the collection are the naive spirit of the fall months to your style. A magic in the Tweed series is waiting for you. Flat gray color Cashmere view can be easily accompanied with neon-colored speckles in this steep collar sweater tissues.

Would not be accessories ...On these days that the cold weather itself starts to remind them, the tweed pompon beret, tweed fur coat and tweed fingerless glove with black patterns on the gray, which is between the key parts of the collection, you will be your greatest savior in this winter as a single piece.

Tweed hooded cardiganHooded Curenas, one of the indispensable fragments of the gentlemen in male fashion and the indispensable parts of the style owner is reinterpreted with Silk and Cash- Mere's tiny surprise. Tweed hooded cardes with black or neon colored speckle alternatives will make an impressive signature in every environment.

Tweed V-Neck TunicWith the modern-classical line that the traces of the past unite with today's technology, tweed v-neck sweater, cashmere and wool blended tissue to be the favorite part of all time.

Tweed round collar sweaterTweed sweatshirts arising from the flawless association of wool and cashmere, the tweed sweaters can be preferred in the office on the green, while the neon spots on gray will reflect the dynamism in your weekend style.


Each season is one of the cult parts of the cashmere cardigans and sweats are looking forward to discovering the gentlemen of Silk and Cashmere "Tweed Collection".

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