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How are silk clothes washed?

İpek Kıyafetler Nasıl Yıkanır?

Silk, a type of fabric as an old fabric of humanity, a tomb of the woman stretching from the past to today ... Brightness, Capcan colors, which are prominent with the soft key; With the unique feeling he left on your skin, once you try to give up again, one of the most natural, most pure fabrics is silk.

There are many features that increase your silk's clothing. Thanks to the silk structure, it ensures a maximum of human skin and jail moisture; it prevents sweating. Thanks to this feature, it provides freedom of movement and extra comfort in the days of hot weather and the busy program. Will always fit your sophisticated and all kinds of stylish combineSilk and Cashmere silk products recommend you to browse.

A lot of delicate and rarest fabric silkProtection of smooth tissue and vibrant colors wants to maintain special care for long-term use of the first day. Well, however, silk clothes are washed, we compiled the wash and care feathers that are necessary for silk and Cashmere blog readers to be worn out of silk products for many years. Let's get ready to get ready.

First of all, you must check that the silk products will be washed by reading the label of your clothing before the washing phase. If only a dry-clean product, you will definitely not wash and take advantage of a professional dry cleaning service. But in general, silk clothing is suitable for washing. Sure now in the appropriate conditions we will transfer to you ...

  • We recommend that you don't wash your silk product in the washing machine. As the silk is very sensitive and delicate structure, it is not compatible with the washing systems of the washing machine of the washing machine.
  • Silk Fabrics are sensitive to chemicals, not with standard detergents that you use your silk products to wash your general laundry; You should only be washed with special detergents or shampoo designed for silk, cashmere and wool fabrics. Silk and Cashmere you can safely prefer the silk shampoo.
  • Your wash water should never be too hot. Fill water at a vulgar warm temperature and add the shampoo that is suitable for silks, let your silk product in water for 5 minutes.
  • Do not have excessive fence or crimping when you wash your silk products in your hand. It will be enough to rub with soft moves.
  • Rinse your outfit with cold water until the rubdown process is completed.
  • Don't dry your silk clothes on the dryer.
  • Do not expose to direct sunlight while drying. Sunlight will damage the brightness of the fabric. In a shadow place, not by hanging; You can dry in a flat area.
  • Perfume, etc. depending on the use of your silk outfits. If odors occur, it will suffice that you are the smell of your fragrance to ventilate the outdoors so that it is not exposed to sunlight. If you wear the product shortly, you can just avoid being washed if you will only ventilate.