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Clothing Preference Guide by body type for women

Kadınlar İçin Vücut Tipine Göre Giysi Tercihi Rehberi

For a style that makes a difference; The mode is more than an additional factor next to the quality of color compliance and clothing: dressing up according to the body type. Although all women's body types are different from each other, there are certain standards on this subject. Getting to know the body type is very important for an original style to dress up the advantages of the body type. In this article, we have prepared the garment preferred guide according to the body type. Silk and Cashmere We compiled our special recommendations to blog readers. So let's start.

Pear type body

The main point of dressing according to the body type for women is prioritized to know the body type. We can separate women's body types in four outlines. One of them is the pear type. We can define the body type that the belie's thin, basen is broad as a pear type body. In general, it shows that your shoulders are narrower than your hips.

If you have this type of body, you can focus on the upper part instead of clothes that will attract attention to the bottom of your body. The parts that stand out the top of your body are often from the parts you need to place in your comin. Sitting on top Turtleneck Tricos, v-neck pulloversYou can choose narrow-cut shirts and blouses with comfort.


Skinny Jeans in your Combines are more abundant instead of narrow pants andCasual Cut PantsYou can use it. Thanks to these styles, you will look longer than your leg height.

Apple type body

The apple body type is the body type where the body is the thickest points of the body. The apple type needs to get the main focal point away from the middle of the body to get dressed in the most appropriate way. If you have the apple type body; It can be a nice option to take care of the upper part of the body and the chest area. Chest detailed and hanging blouses Comes at the beginning of the parts you can place in your comin.

Narrow dresses adhering to the body are cadinous as it will cause an overweight appearance than you are the beln and the Basen part of thecomfortable-cut clothesYou can choose.A Cutting SkirtsThe apple type also has the bodyfrom parts to which ones can prefer.


Hourglass type body

Hourglass resembles a body-type sand clock form. This body type is the thinnest point of the body of the body, the shoulder and hip width are very close to each other. Attract attention to the linen, the hourglass is an option for women with body type. That surrounds the body and reveal the beli dresses And a few of the narrow molded skirts which are fully sitting in the Bele are several of the indispensable parts for this body type. Instead of selecting very narrow tops draped blouses, casual cutted shirts You can choose. To highlight your thin waist area, it can also be a nice nuance than to use the arch to use the arch and an Elegan.

In the lower clothing parts you prefer in your children, you can choose the belt trousers and knods of the knees.


Rectangular body

The common feature of women with rectangular body type are not very curved. This body type is close to the waist, hips and shoulder width. If you have a rectangular body type, you need to stay away from the exact fit clothes. You can head straight, comfortable cut clothes. To create a thin and elegant body shape image Long Cardilines and you can easily use the jackets.

In the upper-clothing, you can add the parts to take care of the shoulder to your combines; How much forefront your shoulders will look so thin. Strapless dresses, collar frills blouses,knitwearAll tops that draw attention to the busters and shoulder details in the swimmer's athleti form will be the ideal parts for you. The same way that leaves the shoulders on an opensleeveless dressescan also be a nice option. Women with rectangular body type can be free in pants preference. From the Spanish tribe, the narrow trail, cigarette pants, you can easily choose many pants up to the pipe trousers.