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Silk and Cashmere - Cashmirin journey

Silk and Cashmere - Kaşmirin Yolculuğu

The journey of cashmire is such an adventure; This adventure is based on prior to the centuries ... Cashmere, the centers are a very old tradition that has come to the present as a very valuable texture of the Aristocrats, the Palepers, the most noble cuts. In this article, we will talk about Silk and Cashmere blog readers from the journey of cashmere. Delightful Readings ... The history of Kashmir goats from Inner Mongolia to Earth, in the mountainous areas of Tibet, in the Himalayan Mountains and the most special goat of Capra Hircus, which grows in inner Mongolia, the Kashmir goat with the other name. In high elevations in high elevations in the mountainous areas, it is a velvety and soft wool of fleeting feathers of kashmir goats under the long hairs of the kashmir goats so as to be able to survive the cold colds and cold winds in the freezing point. Kashmir goats can survive even in the most demanding weather conditions thanks to this second layer wool. Obtained from these feathers cashmere The most important feature of clothes is that it can adapt to cold-resistance and weather conditions.


In the periods that the air temperature increases, the weaves of the kashmir goats who descend from high regions are collected with very special techniques without damaging the goats. Afterwards, these precious wools are converted to the yarn by specialized teams by specialized teams. If we think that the cashmere wool is obtained from a goat to a maximum of 65- 70 grams in one year; only one single cashmere We can say that about 7 Capra Hircus goats are needed to get clothing.

Capra Hircus only once a year, ie obtained from Kashmir Goats cashmire This troublesome and long journey that makes this laborious and long journey in fact ... Cashmere clothes and accessories Kashmir goats are keeping the floor compared to the clothes obtained from a quality sheep wool, thanks to these very special wools. The world's most passionate tissue Cashmere It is known as one of the most precious fabrics of all time in the history tall. Today, the cashmire's value remains the same; Cashmere is considered one of the most valuable tissues by the world's largest fashion brands. In English, "Fiber For Kings" for Cashmir has a simulation of the "Kings' fabric", which is very rare to name such a special to a fabric in history. Along the cashmere centuries, many kings, nobles, Caesarans and the people of the Palace were used with great liking and passion. Kashmir is known to have lived in the 18th century of gold in Europe. For example, the great love for the sake of the Napoleon who bats the history of the Napole of Napole, he gives a shawl in Josephine, while he gives a shawl of the cashmere, while he gained his heart. Famous explorer Marco Polo's sightseeing notes in Marco Polo's sightseeing ranging in the famous explorer Marco Polo's sightseeing. In some caves of Mongolia in the 13th century, the representative paintings of the weaves and meats in some caves are found in Marco Polo's cruise book. These goats are thought to be Capra Hircus that grows in inner Mongolia so Kashmir goats.