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Movie suggestions to attract the interest of fashion enthusiasts

Moda Tutkunlarının İlgisini Çekecek Film Önerileri

Movie suggestions to attract the interest of fashion enthusiasts

There are many movies that reflect the sparkling world of the modane, transmitting the stories of inspiring fashion and brands to the white curtain. We also talked about the movies that will attract the interest of fashion enthusiasts in this article and we compiled our movie suggestions for Silk and Cashmere blog readers. Bride Let's take a look at the list. We wish the good cruise already.

The Devil Wears Prada - Devil wears brand

Meryl Streep, Anne Hathaway, Emily Blunt, such as Very Successful players, such as the Devil Brand Wear is the interest of the movies to attract the interest of fashion enthusiasts. The film is a book adaptation; Lauren Weisberger is adapted to the cinema with the same name with the same name. Weisberger, the head editor of Vogue magazine for a while, has worked as anna Wintour's assistant. This construction is experiencing and experiencing experiences during his period of his journal. In the film, the chief character of Andy Sachs' modane's sparkle, as well as an examination of an examination in the world of competition.

The September Issue - September Number

The September Issue is one of the pleasant buildings that will attract the interest of the September number of fashion lovers. The film describes the name of Vogue's Editor Anna Wintour's career and life. The number of September issued in 2007 of Vogue magazine has the most severe magazine, which is published by the reader compared to all numbers. This number of 2.5 pounds also has the fullest content for Vogue journals coming out until that day. The name of the film is right here.

Throughout the movie, you can't stop thinking about how much the story of Anna Wintour is the tale. We can call the career as an assistant in Harper's Bazaar magazine and to say a complete success story for Wintour's business life that rises to the editor of Vogue magazine. When asked the strongest as well as the strongest as well, we see how accurate responding to this question while watching Anna Wintour who said it is determination. In this documentary, you will enjoy the story of the successful editor. In addition, you will also know about the other important names of the team working in the magazine of the vogue magazine.