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Museums that must be seen

Mutlaka Görülmesi Gereken Müzeler

Turkey's historical and cultural tissue so rich; Our country hosts the old structures as old as humanity, is in the world-famous museums. These museums combine visitors from different parts of the country and the world. It is not only in Istanbul, Ankara, Gaziantep, Nevsehir and Konya are there many important museums. We also talked about Silk and Cashmere blog readers to be seen in the museums. Delightful Readings ...

Istanbul Archeology Museum

The most important archaeological works are located, one of Turkey's first museums, is one of the first structures that are built as a museum building all over the world all over the world. This museum who fascinates human beings, even though it is a million works, is among the largest museums of the world. Istanbul Archeology Museum; Anatolia, Balkans, hold from Mesopotamia, also included different works of the Ottoman Empire, such as Arabian Peninsula and Afghanistan. The museum also has a stamp of Stamp on the World History, is also hosting air works to Byur, Byzantine, Hittite, Egypt, Rome and Greek cultures. In this sense, not only domestic, foreign tourists are located in the center of interest in the center of attention.

Konya - Mevlana Museum

The name that is integrated with the philosophy of mysticism, "Come, whatever you are, come again ..." The minds of the Mevlana celalettin Rumi, which were scraped by the minds; We can say that man's self-influencing the whole world, which is deeply influenced by love, love and tolerance.

This structure, where Mevlana uses as a journal in time, is currently operating as a museum. Especially after the UNESCO declares the year 2007 years, the more famous museum is visited by many foreign tourists every year.

Ankara Ethnography Museum

We can describe the Ankara Ethnography Museum as a historic witness that keeps light on the oldest period of Turkish culture. In the museum; The artifacts of Turkish culture such as Uighurs, Ottomans and Seljuks are exhibited. We can say that the forms of Turkish civilizations are one of the museums that have a very broad collection that has a very large collection of articles of the articles, culture and art.

Goreme Open Air Museum - Nevsehir

Located in UNESCO's World Heritage List, Goreme Open Air Museum is located in Turkey's most important outdoor museums. The Goreme Open Air Museum is 13 km away from Nevsehir, has a very different atmosphere with interesting geological formations and an unbusite spectacular valley views. Museum; Engraved into rocks consists of sumptuous churches, monasteries, chapels, dining rooms and habitats

The museum is also a very different place for the history of the Museum of St. Barbara Church, St. Basil Church, the Church of St. Basil, the church, the church, the church, the church, the dark church, the church, the church, the church and the buckled church.

Zeugma Mosaic Museum - Gaziantep

Gaziantep A city who testified to the birth of many civilizations throughout the centuries. One of the innumerable historic works, which are very important to Gaziantep, which is very important, one of the museums to be seen in Gaziantep, is one of the museums to be seen in Zeugma Mosaic Museum.

The Museum located on the historic silk road that connects trading paths, also cultures, religions, different civilizations together; Not only is Turkey, but the world is among the most important museums. The mosaics and artifacts removed from the ancient city of Zeugma in Gaziantep in the museum are exhibited.

One of the most striking works in the museum to open your horizon in terms of humanity and art history is the world-famous gypsy girl mosaic. Some of the other mosaics of archeology and art enthusiasts; Perseus and Andromeda are in the breakfast table, the birth of Venus, Poseidon Oceanus Tethys and Dionysos as the wedding of the Wedding.