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Story of January: Savior Hooded

Ocak Ayı Hikayesi: Kurtarıcı Kapüşonlular

The Savior Hooded

A Silk and Cashmere story; The savior hoodies.

Previously, they were the heroes of the gyms, while a period of Hollywood handsets were trended in the simplest of the key part of the stress style.

Then they have become the saver of the autumn evening in the morning of the morning or at a time, they even tied us enough to spend all the season with them. Yes they are savior hoodies! The Savior of the Wardrobe, which can combine the first story of the new year in daily clothing, the savior of the wardrobe that can be combined with the single combination of the wardrobe, nam-I other hoodies.

Hooded cardigan

Tweed cashmere hooding is paired with the open color jeans and you can complete with the leather bit bot. In the days of the winter sun, you can complete the combination of bone frame with a glasses.

Male hooded style

Women's hooded style

Leather detailed cashmere hoodie with a colorful skinny jean and create contrast. Create a fabulous "Look" with leather accessories in similar tones.

S & C Striped Hoodie for Men

With striped cashmile hooded, you can capture fabulous harmony with leather boots similar to. You can create very trend street style with accessories such as cashmere berets and leather bracelets.

S & C Hoodie Street Style

Choose an ambitious Cashmere Hoodie and catch up with your purse. A dark color is a Skinny Jean and a stylish combination of both sports with velvet boots from our favorite trends of the season.

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