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Valentine's Day Gift and Combin Recommendations

Sevgililer Günü Hediye ve Kombin Önerileri

February 14 was very little left! This day celebrates the love of all the world, a good reason to get a good time with both your lover and a gift to show your love to Him. So did you think about what you get? Or what are you going to wear that day? This is the difference to Silk and Cashmere with our blog posts that we think will answer 2 questions.

Pure cashmere bar basic v-neck long sleeve cardigan


Basic V-neck with the pure cashmere tissue that will wrap your lover's tennis, a gift alternative to the long-sleeved cardigan, with color options.


& More Merino Wool Couple Color Mara Woman Coat Overcoat

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The woman we designed inspired by the silhouette of the coat worn in the classic Holywood movies will complete your lover's winter style.


& More Infinity Ribana detailed scarf

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The Infinity Ribana, which is the most loved tracks with the Unisex form, the detailed weft of the Infinity Ribana will be warmly in cold winter days on both you and your lover.


Pure silk tire hairpin

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The silk hairpin that prevents fracture and electrification in hair is also gathering hair without headaches with soft tissue. Your valentine will love to this subtle gift.


& More Clark Men's Round Collar Long Sleeve Knitwear

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Would you like to gift a key track to your lover's gardrobe? The kniques that will add the color to the daily style with 100% cotton tissue will definitely be a great gift.


Cashmere blended male coat

Your lover's winter style will be able to make a simple-minded tissue and timeless design for many years with the cashmere blended kink, the coolest gift of Valentine's Day.


& More Infinity Detailed Beanie


With our favorites on the Unisex form, Infinity Ribana detailed Beanie will protect you and your lover at the cold winter days.


& More Alex Basic Men's Leather Gloves


Heat their hands with a leather glove on your lover's challenging winter days. Help create a cool winter style by combinating cashmere coats.



& More Infinity Wool cap hat


Wool cap hat is a part of the unisex form of everyone who raises the style of everyone. It will ensure you and your lover to protect from both cold and to make you differ on gray winter days.


The timeless, Unisex and Silk and Cashmere of Iconic products are patrice that we hear the passion is standing every season. You also give this passion for your lover on Valentine's Day.


Silk and cashmere Polo collar long sleeve Utku male knitwear


The silk and cashmere dating will add a unique softness to your lover's skin. The tissues of the passion met with our silk and cashmere iconic polo collar design.


Cashmere Wool Blended Kim Overcoat

With the classical design, the coats can be removed with a modern and feminine line with the artificial fur collar. You are sure that you are sure that your lover will like this coat loving these coats for many years.


Claudia customized shirt

Everyone should have to have, each combined and will be part of the gardrobun key 'o' shirt can be the most beautiful Valentine's Day gift. Vegan Silk also called Cupro fabric, this shirt will be planted special for your lover, a very delicatible gift alternative ..


Nancy pure woolen handbag


The nancy handbag consisting of completely hand work is both on holiday and your lover in the city. This bag will always carry next to your lover will give you feeling.


Isis Earrings

Designed by handmade and inspiring inspiration of the sky These earrings will steal your lover's heart on Valentine's Day.


Our Combine Recommendations

You have chosen to get what gifts to your lover. So what you will wear on this day you will celebrate your love. Sill and Cashmere is aware of this combines we compiled for you. Happy valentine's day