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Silk and Cashmere - March 8 International Women's Day

Silk and Cashmere - 8 Mart Dünya Kadınlar Günü

8 March World Women's Day Happy. With the female initiative, we advocate the strength, independence and freedom as Silk and Cashmere, which has become the world's most popular cashmere brand in the world with the most popular team.


International Women's Day or World Labor Women's Day is an international day described by the United Nations and celebrated all over the world. Societary equality, equal rights and human conditions under work contact, the economic, political and social achievements of women are stated that the economic, political and social achievements are celebrated every year on March 8, and the issued messages.

So what is the history of March 8? Let's try to explain this briefly.

History of March 8


On March 8, 1857, 40,000 woven workers in New York City in New York City starts at a textile factory with a better working conditions. However, the police attack the workers and gets a very different size with the workers locking the factory. At the factory fire, 129 female workers are unfortunately, as a result of the workers who are founded in front of the workers in the factory. More than 10,000 people participate in workers' funeral.


At the 26 to 27 August 1910, in the 26th International, Copenhagen in the Copenhagen city (international socialist women's conferencing) Germany Social Democratic Party leaders from the leaders of the Textile Zetkin on March 8, 1857 on 8 March 1857, 8 March of Women's workers in the memory of Female workers in the memory of female workers. The "Internationaler Frauentag" (International Women Day - International Women's Day) brought the suggestion of referring to the International Women's Day and the recommendation has been adopted with the vote. In the first years, a certain date has not been identified but always remedies in the spring.


In the 3rd International Women's Conference in Moscow on March 8, 1921, the name of the 3rd International Women's Conference (3rd International Communist Parties Meeting) was determined as "World Personnel Women's Day". Between the first and second World War II, International Women's Day in some countries is in a more powerful agenda at the end of the 1960s at the end of the 1960s. The United Nations General Assembly is accepted on December 16, 1977 as mention of March 8 as "International Women's Day".

March 8 in Turkey

The first time in Turkey in 1921 was started to be celebrated as "laboring women's Day". In 1975 and was more commonly celebrated in the years following him, moved to the streets from indoor sites. "United Nations Women's Ten Year" program is also affected by Turkey, in 1975 in 1975 "1975 Women's Year" Congress. From 1984, each year is continued to celebrate the "International Women's Day" by various women's organizations.

There is nothing in every area of ​​life that the woman can not succeed at any time. You have seen what happened when women are united all over the world. As Silk and Cashmere is a world that gender equality is provided, we can live freely and without fear. Happy 8 March World Labor Women's Day!