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Sfirst and Cashmere Kashmiri Maintenance

Silk and Cashmere Kaşmir Bakım

Cashmere maintenance

Cashmere is rare and precious. It should be stored properly, folded in bags that do n' t take air during periods when it is n' t used. It should n' t be thrown out of wrinkles, carefully and properly folded. Its structure is exhilarable; it's living and it takes care. The carefully used cashmere can be worn for a lifetime in normal conditions. You can use the cashmere for years when a good care is applied.

In the first use of the cashmere, a bit of plugging is normal and acceptable. Because long cashmere fibers form lightweight toppings after a while. In time, these unwanted feathers are shed, and no extra plugging is expected.

Cashmere and Silk Wash instructions

There are labels on all of our products with washing and maintenance instructions that contain descriptive information about our products.

Dry Cleaning in our products is absolutely acquired except for the recommended products, carefully washed with special wash shampoos.  Cashmere and silk should never be hung, bored, and bathed in the machine. Recommended in 30 degrees of warm waterspecial shampooThe water is bubboned out. Do not keep your clothes waiting in the water-wash your clothes lightly. Squeeze in the warm water and pick it up in the palm of your hand.  It's definitely on a flat floor, preferably a clean towel or a patch on the cloth. It's not a furnace or artificial heater. Keep it straight away from sunlight or artificial light.


The Silk and Cashmere, in its products, use naturoel tissues such as cashmere and silk, and have a fuzzy surface structure that is difficult to distinguish between the surface of these naturoel elyphes. Our products are not subject to any chemical processing to prevent them from losing their spontaneity. For this reason, the initial use may result in a period of friction in areas where the friction is intense. You can collect the resulting wool toppings by our cashmere tarps or our feather-cleaning machine and over the feathers in the opposite direction of the fabric of the sweater. You wo n' t see the flux when you repeat this process several times.