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What is cashmere, how is it produced? What are the benefits it provides?

Kaşmir Nedir, Nasıl Üretilir? Sağladığı Yararlar Nelerdir?

Cashmere is a small number of countries in China and Mongolia in China and Mongolia in a small number of countries, which live in high and cool highlands is given to the soft wool of the soft wool. As the indispensable tissue of winter months, the cashmere as the kashmir, the soft-flexible yarn structure is a rare fiber that succeeds to protect you against colds even in winter.

Cashmir, which started with a journey extending to China and inner Mongolia, is between the most valuable fibers of the world. Only by the scanning method of the special capra goat of this region, it is carried out to your tennis as a result of highly uniform and special production stages.

The Capra Goat is a special goat that produces cashmere wool for self-protection on the zenith of the mountain and in challenging winter periods. As winter and nature conditions are difficult, the feathers of the cashmere goats are brighter and healthy. The Capra Goat, which has been adapted to the climate conditions where it is located, can produce cashmere with the same yield in another climate nor another country.

As the weather is warm, the goats living on the top of the mountain are displaced to lower levels. In the year, only the cashmere wool is collected from the goats scanned with special combs in the spring period. A silky layer formed from the neck under the neck of the cashmere goats to their abdomen. The cashmere wool is only collected from these parts where the goat has not been damaged baby feathers.

The animal scanned with special scallops exhibits a highly satisfaction of this situation. In nature, we can say mutual '' mutualism '' (happy life) one-to-one instance.

A result of scanning is only 70-100 g of the fibers from a goat. After the dead feathers on the fiber obtained from the fiber was removed in local waters, it is cleaned and allowed to dry again. Equity Cashmire fiber, reminiscent of a cotton grinet, reaches a weight of 50-60 g as a result of all these stages. 1 Cashmere wool is needed for 300-500 g for the emergence of the cashmere sweater. This means that the cashmere wool in which 5-6 goat for a single sweater, or 1 goat produced 5-6 years. This feature of cashmere is an important indicator of how rare and valuable to your clothes.

With this feather that can be collected only in a single period of the year, it is threaded with special knitting techniques in cashmere expert facilities and knittedly knives.

The world's rarest and the most valuable yarn has not found another thread, which has been accepted in the accreted, the crow of the burn centuries. The most valuable clothing in all times and cultures has been identified with prestige and quality. Your kashmir garments challenged the years pass through a very long adventure in the story taste. If cashmere clothing is used to follow the maintenance and washing conditions, it will continue to protect the first day in your wardrobe in your wardrobe.

Cashmere properties:

- Cashmere is characterized by thin and soft fibers. 100% naturalCashmere Wool with a fibertene giving no feelingto the lightness and an excellentHeat insulationhas its feature. When examined with microscope to cashmere woolSpiral (spiral)the structure is found. The property of being a living tissue thanks to the helical structurebreathing on your skinevidence. Absorbing the hot and cold air from the outside thanks to the helical structureFour seasons protection of your body's heat balance levelis the only feature that separates him from all fibers. A Cashmere clothing never sweats you in hot weather, while cold weather blocks your chilly with the warm texture.

- Cashmere has been considered as a natural tissue that gives the tene healing. A true pure cashmere is the only tissue that can be worn in the naked tene.

Anti-allergicFeatured cashmere with feature,100% compatible with human skin. Although the cashmere sweaters, wool and mohairs are produced with other fibers, it does not reallly react as scripts, sinking or allergies. Cashmere, the skin comes at the beginning of particularly preferred tissues for sensitive and allergic individuals and babies.

- Every instant of the day you will feel free as you are in cashmere clothes that make comfort and excellent lightness!