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Silk and Cashmere: Our cashmere

Silk and Cashmere: Kaşmirimiz

Cashmere is the second silky-femalediment of the second silky-shaped beneath the main wool, which is consistent in the world of high and cool highlands in the world, especially in the world in China and Mongolia.

Inner Mongolia

This silken layer formed in the region of the necks from the neck of the cashmere goats are collected with special combs, the dead hairs are extracted and washed in local waters. A goat can be obtained from a maximum of 30-60 grams of cashmere in one year but you need an average of 300 grams of cashmere for a sweater. A one-year wool of 4 to 6 cashmere goats are needed to achieve a sweater. This means that a single goal is to produce cashmere enough cashmere to produce an average of 5 years! The world's rarest, the most valuable yarn is the most valuable garment in all time and cultures in all time and cultures that have not found a throne for centuries, and identified with prestige and quality.

Capra Hircus Goats

Structural features of cashmere

The spiral structure of the cashmere yarn is very special. This prevents the heat of the human body of the body by regulating and sweating. The thickest cashmere even the person does not sweat only warm. Direct Tene is the only wool that can be worn and the theme with skin is extremely tasty.

Cashmere quality

There are 3 elements that determine the quality of cashmere.

1. Cashmere Length

Fiber-lengths are the most constructed fiber-length is between 15-75 mm. The raw material fiber used in Silk and Cashmere is between 35-50 mm (no longer breed).

2. Cashmere cross-section

The Cross Section required for a quality cashmere is 14-16.5 microns. Capra Hircus Goats used in Silk and Cashmere's production is exactly 14-16.5 mm.

3. The scarcity of the hard and different hair rate in the pure cashmere (Dead Hair)

While the Dead Hair ratio accepted is 0.1% 0.1%, the Capra Hircus goats used by Silk and Cashmere are not accepted from 0.5%. A machine has not been invented that cleans the dead hair from the cashmere wool in the world. This power is done by business professional workers. The property of becoming a product that is given so much is also outstanding here

Cleaning Cashmere

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