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Travel with Cashmere: Zurich

Travel With Cashmere: Zurich

A new week#travelwithcashmereSay a new city in our series! Ready for an adventure full of chocolate and cheese?

Don't say winter, discover outdoors. Sechseläutenplatz Square chirping in the winter. The Zurich Film Festival is also a very pleasant activity in the Square. Enjoy the winter sun with a delicious snack.

The fondue name comes from the word "fondre" which means melt. This myth of your homeland will be experiencing in Zurich will melt you to the cheese feast. Raclette Stube, which is operated by a sweet wife husband, you will definely enjoy the Fabilizer with locals. Those who cannot go can also choose Chalet in Swiss Hotel Bosphorus.

The narrow streets of the Niederdorf district on the east coast of Limmat River are full of colorful restaurants, shops and bars. Within 5 February 1916, Dada art stream will be on a time trip to this historic district with Cabaret Voltire opening. Give a delightful break at Brasserie Louis when your feet are tired!

For kashmir products that enjoy the winter;