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Trawel with Cashmere: Paris

Trawel With Cashmere: Paris

When it's cold, you are stored under a soft blanket not coming? It's so, but the world continues to return! How about the fascinating world of winter instead of escaping the colds? Let's explore the beauty of the bride in winter guide in S & C. Our first stop#Paris! #travelwithcashmere

Travel with Cashmere Our series is the first city of Paris.


The world's largest museum is in the Louvre which is the seasons which season is out! ? Did you know that Mona Lisa work was stolen from Louvre in 1911? Don't worry, then the returned table after 2 years and many more valuable works are far from the crowd groups, you can visit the tranquility of winter in winter.

How about a gleaming evening ride in Şerzeliz, known as the most beautiful boulevard in the world? ✨ The dazzling Christmas lights are mid-November to adorn Paris's street, tree and monuments from the end of January. Let the city's lights return your head in the Eiffel Tower Mounted Ant!

In the city of hot chocolate, since 1903, the world's most delicious hot chocolate is angelina to be a perfect Sunday in Paris

Is the outside seated outside? Definitely yes! You can also sit in the heated open areas of the year of the year, such as Parisians, and the "Vin Chaud" (hot wine) can be covered in the fascinating atmosphere of the city. Since the 1880s St. From our favorites in Café de Flore in Germain area

For kashmir products that enjoy the winter;