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Mother's Day Gift Suggestions

One of the most ideal times to show our loyalty to our mothers, our most valuable assets, is Mother's Day. We would like to give them valuable gifts on this day celebrated to delight our mothers who raised us. The most beautiful gifts that you can satisfy your mothers on this special day in the world are in Silk and Cashmere. From comfortable and stylish jackets to timeless shirt models, eye -catching scarves to elegant dresses, you can find many gift options in Silk and Cashmere collections and offer a special gift to your mother.

What is Mother's Day?

Mother's Day, which has become official for respect for mothers, is one of the special days celebrated every year. On this special day, which varies in each country, different gifts are selected to delight and thank them. In order to get a gift to your mother, you can take into account its interests and tastes, and make quality choices that you can wear for a long time.

When is Mother's Day celebrated?

The festival, which was celebrated for the first time in history by ancient Greeks to the goddess Rhea, led to the emergence of the idea of ​​Mother's Day. Later, in 1908, a woman named Anna Jarvis, who lived in the USA, launched a memorial day for her mother. This decision became widespread throughout the United States with the decision of the Congress in 1914. Now Mother's Day continues to be celebrated in many countries of the world in the second week of May every year.

Mother's Day Gift Suggestions

Silk and Cashmere’s collections produced with privileged textures and unique labor quality offer great options for your mothers. Dresses, shirts, sweaters or knitwear… No matter which product you choose, you can give him a great gift with models that your mother can use for a long time. If your mother always cares about comfort, you can choose wide -molded shirts or comfortable knitwear for her. Inspired by the color options that are inspired by the Italian beaches, each of the models will make your mother feel valuable with its soft fabrics and distinguished postures.

If your mother loves accessories, you can give her a gift of shawls or scarves of privileged textures such as silk or cashmere. Your mother can make elegant combinations with these gifts and always have a distinguished appearance. You can choose patterned, flat or vibrant colors according to the taste of your mother.

Mother's Day Gift Suggestions for New Mothers

If you are going to give a gift to someone who has become a new mother, you can give him personal care products on this special day. Silk and Cashmere signed perfume options consist of different essences, while feeling fascinating notes at every step. Striking notes that refresh the senses during the day can be an elegant gift alternative for people who have become new mother.

Gift Suggestions for Mother's Day to Pregnant Mothers

You can buy tiny accessories for pregnant mothers and delight them on this meaningful day. Sleep routine of pregnant mothers is important. You can give them a silk eye band for them to have a comfortable sleep experience. The sleeping band with unique silk texture does not disturb the skin and prevents acne formation thanks to the special amino acids on it.

What is the Mother's Day discount rate?

Silk and Cashmere, which offers styles beyond time, is waiting for those who want to make their mother happy with special discount rates for Mother's Day. Sportive, cashmere and silk texture, always taking care of the appearance of the mothers purchased for mothers are applied to different discount rates are applied. Mother's Day discount rates and conditions vary every year. Those who want to offer meaningful gifts to their mother have the chance to buy unique models produced with the difference of Silk and Cashmere at attractive advantages and affordable prices.

Surprises that can be done on Mother's Day

This year you can prepare a stylish breakfast table for your mother, your favorite asset on Mother's Day, and surprise it. In addition to the breakfasts you have prepared with your hands and your hands, you can make hearted cookies and decorate the table with roses. After breakfast, you can present your gift from Silk and Cashmere to your mother and crown your happiness.

You can immediately examine the quality products of Silk and Cashmere consisting of pure and soft textures and easily determine the most meaningful gift for your mother.