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11.11 Single goat discount

One of the discount campaigns that attract great interest every year worldwide, 11.11 discount. This special day, which shopping enthusiasts are excited about, brings together attractive discounts and unique opportunities. People who want to buy the products they need or like with advantageous conditions have the chance to have the product they want at affordable prices. With the campaign called Silk and Cashmere and called the 11.11 single goat discount, you can have special opportunities for the products you want, you can buy qualified products at affordable prices.

What is 11.11 discount?

11.11 The idea of ​​a reduction arises from a group of Chinese students to declare November 11th as the day of “the day of those who are lonely and happy. In 2009, the famous e-commerce company Alibaba organizes a wide-attended shopping festival at this time, and since then, November 11 has become a traditional shopping festival where big discounts are realized every year.

11.11 Why is the discount done?

The 11.11 discount is arranged by big brands and companies to get people's needs at more affordable prices. Many people can buy the products they want to have by waiting for this special discount day throughout the year at advantageous prices.

11.11 When are the discounts?

Although 11.11 discounts vary according to brands and companies, it usually starts at midnight at midnight, which connects November 10 to November 11th and lasts until midnight the next day. In some cases, brands extend this period for 1 or 2 days and offer extra advantages to its users.

How did the 11.11 discount occur?

11.11 discount is a day determined by the initiative of a Chinese group of students and shopping giants, and offers attractive advantages to shopping enthusiasts with special opportunities and campaigns.

Where did the 11.11 discount name come from?

11.11 appeared with the realization that the 11th month of the year and the 11th day of the year evokes loneliness. Later, it became popular today and turned into a shopping festival.

11.11 How much are the discount rates?

Within the scope of the 11.11 Festival, discount rates vary every year. Silk and Cashmere brings you with the discounts and various opportunities that start from 11 %with the Single Goat Campaign valid for all products. In addition, other attractive advantages specific to this period are waiting for users.

When will the 11.11 discount end?

Although the 11.11 discount usually continues for a day, many brands complete this attractive shopping festival at least 1 day and complete 2 days.


Within the scope of 11.11 discount, product stocks are rapidly depleting. Many shopping enthusiasts waiting for this period buy the product they want with special opportunities. This causes many products to run out quickly. For this reason, it is important for users to identify the products they like before the discount period and behave quickly.

11.11 discount which stores valid for online?

11.11 discount is valid for shops, online shopping sites and mobile applications. This varies according to the conditions determined every year. Silk and Cashmere, who made an announcement before the discount period, shares with its users which platforms can be valid.

11.11 What are the products that are reduced to discount?

11.11 discount is usually included in the campaign with all products, certain conditions and changing discount rates. Opportunities may vary according to the festival content that is updated every year. Those who follow the discount campaign in advance can learn and act accordingly which products can be reduced.

Points and Suggestions to Considers for the 11.11 discount

For the 11.11 discount, users need to pay attention to some points. First of all, the discounts, opportunities and coupons determined by brands are only valid for that day. In addition, the stocks of the products that have been reduced can be exhausted rapidly. Users need to act quickly in decision -making and purchase. It may be useful to determine what you need in advance and prepare a shopping list.

You can determine the products you want to buy within the 11.11 single goat campaign organized by Silk and Cashmere every year and you can complete your shopping with attractive conditions.