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Bye Buy May

Silk and Cashmere organizes various campaigns every year at certain periods. Thanks to these campaigns, you can buy season products at advantageous prices. One of the traditional campaigns organized by Silk and Cashmere every year is Bye Buy May. Cossacks, knitwear, shirts or trousers… You can buy your favorite products in advance during the campaign period and benefit from advantageous prices. You just start deciding on the products you want to buy right now!

What is Bye Buy May Campaign?

Bye Buy May, Silk and Cashmere by the discount campaign applied every year in certain periods of May. Thanks to the campaign, where men and women who care about the style show interest, you can buy many products at advantageous prices. Attractive opportunities await you with the Bye Buy May campaign that can vary every year.

How long does the Bye Buy May campaign take?

Bye Buy May, one of the most popular campaigns of Silk and Cashmere, is usually held at the end of May. However, the campaign dates and duration may vary according to the updated conditions every year. It is very important that those who want to benefit from the campaign determine the products they want to buy before the discount period. In this way, users have the chance to have the products they like for a long time at more affordable prices. Thanks to the campaign, which is the last weekend of May, many fashion enthusiasts have the opportunity to prepare the summer wardrobe and add classic pieces to the winter wardrobe. By following the campaign, you can have a wardrobe of richer pieces, you can make stylish views by making different combinations.

What are Bye Buy May Campaign Opportunities?

The Bye Buy May campaign offers fashion followers the chance to buy products with Silk and Cashmere with special advantages. One of them is the advantage of “second product gift to a product area”. Within the scope of the second product gift campaign, users can benefit from this opportunity all season products. Silk and Cashmere, which constitutes its collections with its privileged textures and subtle production techniques, stands out with its timeless products. This gives users the chance to buy designs that they can invest. In the campaign, you can get a different color of the trousers or jackets you like, or you can make great combinations by choosing your favorite pants under the jacket. With its unique textures and quality workmanship, you can use the products that meet you for many years and enjoy the advantage of shopping.

Bye Buy May Campaign Which stores are valid for, will it be online?

Silk and Cashmere, which reflects the sustainable fashion understanding to each collection product, transforms old yarns and draws a profile respecting the nature and the human body. Knitwear, shirts, jackets and trousers that can be used easily in all seasons; It consists of qualified tissues such as cashmere, silk, cotton and linen. Thanks to men's and men's clothing products with a wide range of body range, products respond to the expectations of all users. In addition to simple and flat models, patterned and colorful products are waiting for you in Silk and Cashmere's wide product selection. The models, which are comfortable and elegance in every detail, have a wide usage area by adapting to any environment. Whether you are on vacation or in the weekend or in the office… Silk and Cashmere signed products make you attract attention in every environment and look stylish in every environment. The Bye Buy May campaign, organized by Silk and Cashmere, is valid in all stores and Silk and Cashmere online sales site on the predetermined dates of May. Thus, users who cannot go to the store can have the chance to shop through the virtual store.

To be informed of the campaign and new products, you can quit your e-mail address and register to the mailing list by clicking on the e-newsletter box on the website. In this way, you can immediately be aware of all campaigns, opportunities and surprises, you can have the chance to buy Silk and Cashmere products at attractive prices.