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Privacy and Security

At, in order to provide a better service to our customers, some of your personal information (name, e-mail, etc.) is requested from you. collects this information to periodically inform you about our special promotions and this information is never, under any circumstance, shared with or sold to any third parties without the knowledge of our members.

As, we want to provide the highest level of security to our valuable customers and preserve the confidentiality and accuracy of your personal information. These principles guide us in the collection, use and retention of your personal information in all of and its services. Therefore the credit card information entered on the payment page is never stored on our servers - it is solely coded with a 128-bit encryption system and then processed by the banks through the interface. is developed via a particularly advanced-level of communication protocols, including SSL technology, with the principle of confidentiality of personal information to secure shopping.

Global e-commerce sites who want to use this SSL system need to be in agreement with an Internet security firm like GlobalSign, which is the one we work with. GlobalSign only certifies its SSL certificate to firms like ours who provide all the documents and high standards they require.

To prevent any personal information abuse from unreliable sites, you need to make sure that the page where you provide your credit card information changes from an HTTP to an HTTPS page address. In addition, please ensure that the lock/key symbol is displayed: for Explorer browser users, it appears on the bottom left corner of the page; for Firefox and Netscape users, the icon is at the bottom right of the lock or key with the blue line.