The world's most passionate and delicate tissue was called as a symbol of an ages beyond the esis, softness and purity. Our greatest inspiration is the most enjoyable way of telling ourselves to these valuable tissue to us to unique designs. While preparing our collection, selecting the best quality cashmere fibers, making all the production processes most impeatably and we bring together with you.

Cashmere is obtained by the cashmere goats living in the domestic Mongolia and the Latin name Capra Hircus. Capra Hircus goat is the owner of the magical journey from the unbound geography of inner Mongolia, extending our skin.

The reason for the world's top quality cashmere fibers in this geography, the average temperature values ​​of winter are reaching -40C. This natural climate structure, which allows the best cashmere to appear, Silk and Cashmere Cashmiri is the greatest secret.

Capra goats are called cashmere to this faxed tissue under the main wool to be protected from the hard winter climate. Goats want to change this valuable tissue to keep up with the new season terms. With the warmth of the weather at the beginning of the spring at the beginning of spring, the locals will scan these special tissues with traditional combs without damaging the goats. It is only 30-60 grams of cashmere in a year, as a result of this delicate operation of centuries. In other words, a 5-6-year cashmides of a goat is required for a pure cashmire sweater. From nature, which makes the cashmere tissue valuable and special, is hidden in this magical story stretching to our skin.

As a result of our long R & D studies, we are producing the world's best quality cashmere fibers, with Silk and Cashmere Gustos and elegance, the most luxurious Cashmir in the fashion world has been in the same passion since 1992. The image of the nebula softness and purity of the Cashmere ensures that the body temperature is in balance due to its helical structure. It is a unique tissue with hypoallergenic and antibacterial, which offers four seasons refreshment feeling.

For us, the cashmere fiber is located in the center of our production stage. As a natural and renewable source, it comes to the most important issues that we give the quality and long life. The future generations can continue to experience this unique tissue and support all our production processes with our sustainability policies, and we lead to protection of nature and environment.