Founder's Message

I was just a child the first time I ran my fingers over my mother's navy-blue cashmere sweater. I vividly remember being captivated by how soft and light it felt. Years later I would find out, the exquisite touch of pure cashmere is unlike any other…
I strongly believe that passion and enthusiasm are paramount in succeeding in whatever you do. A love for silk and cashmere was just the beginning. Our driving force was creating an accessible and unique global brand that was fueled by the world's most beautiful, rare, and natural fibers. With dedication, this dream flourished into reality. It gives me great joy that our journey has become a case study within the academic world and is often referred to as an "Actualized Dream".
My greatest fortune and strength in accomplishing this dream has been our outstanding team who has invested just as much heart, effort, and time in this project as I have. Our brand exists thanks to the cashmere goat: Capra Hircus. Not only has the Capra Hircus changed the paths of our lives, but it has also affected our spirit. Its strength, tenacity and grit has rubbed off on our team. We will continue to walk down rocky paths and cross the highest hills with courage and determination. We call our team members "Capras" with good reason!
From Melbourne to Zurich and Istanbul to London, whenever I see someone wearing cashmere, I curiously wonder whether it's our product or not… I can count the number of times I've fallen off my chair trying to catch a glimpse of our emblem on their collar or sleeve! And when I see our Capra emblem smiling back at me…now that feeling is priceless!
Like I said in my novel "The Cashmere Road," I wholeheartedly wouldn't ever call our beautiful brand "work." I never could…
Ayşen Zamanpur