Frequently Asked Questions


How can I create an order from

We wish you primarily enjoyable purchases! You can start shopping immediately after you make your members or guest entry. If you wish, you can search for the products you are interested in; After marking the products, color and body options you like, you can add to your cart, complete your shopping by filling out the delivery and payment information.

Can I also shop without a member?

If you are tempting to score and gift from your orders, then we strongly recommend you to sign up! But you can also shop without a member, you can end your shopping by clicking on "Shop as Guest" after taking the products you want to basket.

Should I update my membership info?

It's important to always be up to date! All the current information about your order will be shared on your contact information that you have declared on creating membership, we recommend that you are updated on your account if there are changes in this information.

I forgot my password, what should I do?

Passwords are forgotten, the important thing is that you remember us ... If we arrive in the password problem: ^ Click on the Password, enter your password, enter your e-mail address and press the Password Renovation Link button. You can then create a new password by clicking the link that comes to your e-mail address.

How can I be aware of campaign and new products?

Enough that! Under any page of our website, you can be added to our mailing list by entering your email address in the e-newsletter box, all deals, campaigns and surprises are the first to be informed.

Can I exchange product change?

You are enough! The exchange of products received from virtual stores can be made in our physical stores, sending to our return address. Note: The prices may vary in different colors of the same product in color changes. In addition, during the special campaign periods, the prices in our virtual shop may be different in our physical stores. Finally, if the change is done in the physical store, the prices in the store will be done on the store will be taken.

What are the terms of product exchange?

We will be repeating ourselves, but as in our return terms, the product has not been used, the label has not been removed or resolved again.

Can I send a gift to someone else?

How nice gesture is we support this with all of our hearts! The product can write the address of the person you want to send the gift to the "Delivery Address" section. The delivery address with the invoice address may be different.

How long are the waiting time of products I've added to the basket?

The escaping is chased but the excess naz is falling in love. From the moment you throw your product in the basket, the product remains in your cart but does not mean that this product is separated to you. When the stock is finished, you will not be able to buy the product even if the product is in the cart (so you can prevent a heart that can occur by rushing!)

How do I know if a product is in stock?

We have established 7/24 active in the lower-right corner of our website in the lower right corner of our website. By contacting our representatives, you can share the product's code and instantly check the stock status of the product, and what stores are subject to the moment (don't forget to ask them before themselves!)

Is the stock renewal of running out of products?

We rebuild the extinct product as soon as possible. If you do not have stocks, we lift the relevant product from the website.

How can I get your discount coupon?

"If you want something so much" they say, try this firstly! Then enter your email address in the e-newsletter box under any page of our site to be informed of our periodically applied discount coupon applications.

How can I use the discount coupon?

Firstly choose a comfortable seat to complete the process. Then read the Email carefully about the use of the coupon you earned. Note: Discount coupon Terms of use vary according to campaign fiction

What store can I find the product I'm looking for?

With the 'Find in store' option, you can make the product stock query on the city basis by color and size. You can contact our representatives in the "Live Support" section that is active for 24 hours, you can share the code code, whether the product is available on our website or the nearest store is in stock in our stock.

I would like to buy the wholesale items, what should I do?

First of all, thank you for your attention! About the topicinfo@silkandcashmere.comSimply send mail to the mail address. The necessary information will be shared with you as soon as possible.

Can I add gift grade or gift package to my order?

After adding the product you selected to the basket, press the Complete the order button. Click 'Gift Package' in the order summary section, you can add your gift grade to the pop-up section.


How much shipping price will I pay my orders?

Only 7.99 MNG cargo fee is charged on orders up to 300 TL. The shipping cost of orders of 300 TL and above is welcomed by

How much will I pay for the same day delivery cost in my orders?

In your orders up to 1000 TL, the same day as the delivery fee is $ 18.99. The same day of your orders of 1000 TL and above is covered by

Is it safe to shop with your credit card online?

Don't be afraid at all! Your desired credit card information on the payment page is not kept on servers in no way to keep the security of our valuable customers from the site. In this way, all transactions to pay are via the intermediate face and your computer is provided. The infrastructure developed with secure shopping and privacy principle of personal information works with advanced communication protocols, mainly SSL technology. In this way, your credit card information you use in your purchases of the is automatically encrypted with 128-bit encryption system on your computer and sent to your bank this way. In other words, if your credit card number and password information can be viewed only between your computer and bank, it is not monitored by unauthorized persons, while it is also not stored by our systems. Were didn't we say you are afraid?

Can I use the credit check I received from the store in exchange for

Our credit checks are special to the store shopping. If you want to convert your credit to a gift coupon you can use on the Internet, you can contact us from whatsapp or live support line.

Can I also use my store scores in internet shopping?

The taste of the scoring shopping is another! We can turn your store points to a gift coupon that you can use on our website for you. To do this to check your coupons from my account section. If the coupon does not appear, you can contact us from whatsapp or live support line.

What is Capra Points?

Sillandcashmere stores and are the type you earn up the results of the purchases you will make and you can use in your next SilkandCashmere purchases. The TL is calculated as one to one. The 20 Capra points are worth 20 TL.

What are my payment options?

This is the most collapse of the work! You can pay by using the credit card of a bank you wish or by cash payment (ATM) cards. If you wish you can also pay by cash or credit card while receiving your cargo with the option to pay at the door.

Why can my credit card be rejected?

We don't panic, we are taking a deep breath ... Your credit card may be rejected for the following reasons: 1-card may have expired. Make sure your card is still valid. 2- You may have exceeded the credit limit. Communicate with your bank to make sure you don't exceed the permitted purchase limit. 3- You may have been wrong with some information. Make sure you fill all the necessary sections correctly.

Order Return and Cancel Transactions

Can I cancel my order?

Although such a thing is the end of the world, you can cancel, of course. If you cancel your order, your fee is returned within the framework of the return conditions of your bank. Note: The above-mentioned conditions apply only to purchases from our virtual store.

Can I delete any product in my order?

You can delete the products you do not want to complete your order from your shopping cart.

Is the return process free?

We have bad news a good too. The submission of all returns you will send to our return address via MNG cargo is free! The shipping charges of the returns sent by other cargoes are unable to be met by

When does my money go to my account after returning the product?

Refunds of accepted return requests are transmitted to the bank within 3 working days. The next redemption process is managed by your bank; The payment is made to your credit card and the reflection of the return on your account depends on your agreement with your bank according to your installment option.

Note: There may be delays in payments due to the density in campaign periods.

I have performed the payment of my order as an installment, the product price will be tally?

Nice question, briefly explain: the refund you receive from your bank will be an equal number of installments that you purchased the product. The installment rules of the banks can vary, and you can reach the most accurate information about this by calling your bank.

Will the coupon codes be restored to my account after returning the item I purchased?

We are so sorry. After performing the return process, it is not restored to your coupon account that you have used in your shopping

Where is the return shipping address on online shopping?

Buyer Name: Fabeks exterior. Tic. Inc.

Address: Merkez Mah. Çobançeşme Cad. Sardinia Sok. No: 1 Kagithane / Istanbul PK: 34400

MNG Cargo Deal Code: 197364340


Is the reseller system?

Store and Corner to us for our terms of dealership You can contact your address.

Where can I get to me nearest store information?

Our stores are one click away! To the store closest to youlinke You can contact by clicking.

How long is the product in the warranty scope of the product.

After the product is received, renovations are covered by us, the renovations are charged in the products that have passed 2 years.

How are the products of the products to remodel?

Although the renovation fee is varying according to the damage on the product, small-scale renovations are charged as $ 30, large-scale remodels are 60 TL.

How long does it take the remodel process of products?

The period determined for renovation processes is 20 working days. However, changes in this process can be realized in situations and business intensity.

My personal information is safe at

Everything is under our control. Your membership information and the credentials you give during shopping are stored in accordance with the membership agreement.

What are the conditions of providing product?

Ask you, let's bring it from one end of the world! The products sold via are limited to store stocks. After your order, the stock of the product is controlled in the stores, it is returned to the customer by informing the customer in relation to the products that cannot be supplied because it is depleted.

Is the product prices included in VAT?

KDV is included in the prices of our products at

What is the shipping deal code?

MNG Cargo Deal Code: 197364340


You can still contact us if you have any questions.