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White silk baby quilt 95x145cm

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Your baby is your most valuable asset, you are a nutual sleep with the softness of the pure silk ... a pneumatic and comfortable sleep experience with the soft and comfortable structure is passing through silk quilts.

The protein structure in the silk is every day to create a therapy effect on your tennis and reveals the healer power. With the hypoallergenic structure, the protein structure in the silk, which comes into contact with your face and body, reduces your skin and the risk of aging. While all of your tennis ensures breathable shopping, it has an anti-bacterial structure with an anti-bacterial structure and the formation of allergies. Irritation, itching etc. is one-to-one effect on skin diseases.

The queen of fibers known as pure silk, soft tissue and luxury touches to your tennis, provides satisfaction and comfort in your many years of sleep. Do not wash the silk quilts, maintain with the ventilation method by hanging in certain periods. Quilt Case Properties: Contains 100% cotton.

The average supply time is produced in private is 2 weeks.

White silk baby quilt 95x145cm