White & More PINSTRIPE Gray Double Duvet Cover Team

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Product features

Double duvet cover: 200 x 220 cm

Sheets: 240 x 260 cm

Patterned Pillow Case: 50 x 70cm (2pcs)

Straight pillow case: 50 x 70cm (2 pcs)

Quality: 100% Cotton 84 Wire, Cotton Satin Fabric

You will not want to use another linen when you get used to the silky tissue that touched the satin form from 100% pure cotton yarn. The silky glow of the cotton satin fabric is magic of you; The natural and human nature of cotton will be indispensable to your daily life with friendly structure. Your breathed skin all night will make you start energetic and happy to the day. It is also easy to maintain thanks to stains and fading resistant structure. For many years, protects their colors, silky key and quality.

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Our care suggestions


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Cashmere that doesn't pill is not natural.

As cashmere is a living, natural fiber, with time the longer cashmere fibers may pill, forming small fuzzy balls on the surface of your garment. Your garment is not subject to chemical processes of any kind so slight pilling is completely natural, expected and healthy in the first few months of use. With time, the unwanted fuzz will shed.

To speed up the process, lightly brush your garment with our cashmere comb or fabric shaving machine.


At Silk and Cashmere, each product is meticulously designed and produced with the intention that you will use them for many years to come.

When used with care, these delicate products and fibers will stand the test of time.

Our products do not contain any chemical, synthetic or plastic materials.

Washing instructions

xGental Machine Wash

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Cashmir's magical journey

Cashmere is obtained by the cashmere goats living in the domestic Mongolia and the Latin name Capra Hircus. Capra Hircus goat is the owner of the magical journey from the unbound geography of inner Mongolia, extending our skin.

Narin up to your skin: silk

We are taking care to find and choose the best tissues from the first day we are installed. Our collection of time-bond designs with Silk and Cashmere silk continue with the same passion since 1992.