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ECU Pure Cashmere Baby Blanket 110x100cm

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The story: Knitting detail comes from the fishermen living in the Aran Islands in the Atlantic Ocean. Thanks to the close date of 100 years, the Aran mesh shape is a long time in the fashion world. The braid part symbolizes the ropes that fishermen saw as luck and trust. The straight mesh part emphasizes to work hard and life is a whole

Our Combine Suggestion: You can use your baby with silk quilt or cashmere baby quilt so that your baby can grow with natural and healthy tissues

Our favorite feature: The unique texture of pure cashmere

The place you want to first wear: We know that you want the best for your baby. So take the cashmere blanket with you everywhere you go with you. Make a sweet evening sleep in the climaxizing environment or a sweet evening sleep on the boat holiday Heran mother lap.

Content: 100% cashmere

Mold: cutting fit

Knitting Frequency: 14gg (Gage)

ECU Pure Cashmere Baby Blanket 110x100cm