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Gray jas silk snakekin patterned shawl 70x180cm

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Product Dimensions: 70x180 cm

Style Suggestion: JAS Üretli Snake Skin Patterned Shawl, the candidate to be the first choice of anyone who wants to achieve a sophisticated appearance. With the pattern games on the pure silk and pure cotton, you want a Pareo in Maldives in Maldives, if you want a pareo, the wrap or etol in a meeting in Istanbul in Istanbul, a day in the beach, even with a magic bonding on the beach, you are free to imagine. If you want on busy days in the weekday busy days, be in the coffee-on coffee with the weekend friends, your style Silk and Cashmere's pattern and color masters. The Silk Cashmere can be combined with the Aleyna series, you can add to your plain image.

Our favorite feature: Stunning pattern mastery ...

Producer Certificate: Sedex, Scope

Gray jas silk snakekin patterned shawl 70x180cm