Black Cocoon Perfume 100ml

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The silk cocoon giving life to the world's most valuable tissue is preparing your skin on a magical journey with Cocoon perfume.

Cocoon in the first notes is at the first time with cedar tree, Bergamut, sage and pesenic smell, Cocoon is located in the next step in medium notes in medium notes with spicy rosemary and lavender. The essences used in the sub-notes of the tene settling and the fade of the medium notes are the most powerful in terms of intensity and persistence. Refers to the actual persistence of the perfume. In the first place in Cocoon, the first place in the first place and a little masculing cool sandalwood with tonka beans will be cautious. In the men's men and women's perfumes in the West, "base" ie the agar tree, which they used as the basic fragrance, is completed with a mystical air, a white musk, amber and vanilla; The dessert is connecting with the Gurjun Balm with a woody and muscle resembling odor.

Cocoon perfume is only on sale in Extrait de Parfum form, while moving the permanence with 30% perfume extract to high levels; Continuously refreshing your senses in the day to get you and the fascinating effect of those around you.

With minimal and bottle design, the material used at the first time at the first time, the material used in Cocoon can be completely recyclable natural glass and is designed to prevent our perfume from being damaged by the light.

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Cashmir's magical journey

Cashmere is obtained by the cashmere goats living in the domestic Mongolia and the Latin name Capra Hircus. Capra Hircus goat is the owner of the magical journey from the unbound geography of inner Mongolia, extending our skin.

Narin up to your skin: silk

We are taking care to find and choose the best tissues from the first day we are installed. Our collection of time-bond designs with Silk and Cashmere silk continue with the same passion since 1992.