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Black silk and cashmere round collar short sleeve aleyna knitwear

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The story: The colors of the Aleyna series were inspired by the different grape colors, vineyards in the harvest period in the fall, and inspired by the life-giving land to the magnificent fruits.

Style Proposition: Aleyna knitwear where the silk and cashmere met, aleyna without knitting cardigan or aleyna Round Collar can get a dynamic style by combination with cardigan or jeans. If you have one and more Aleyna Thrikon in your closet, both your style and four seasons will be comfortable. With Aleyna knitwear, you can capture a remarkable detail in your whole combination. You will increase your energy in every environment until the family meetings you will want to feel free from the official environments that want seriously.

Our favorite feature: The dreamy silky feeling that the super thin structure will leave on your skin ...

Our excitement of our first day, the love and passion for our business is to bring cashmere and silk tissues to meet you with the experience given by 29 years. We are further developing our comfort and design limits every day without stopping. We combine our noble tissues with our period of time. Silk and Cashmere are to be secular to be secular and strive to add value to their lives.

The world's high-quality nebula molly in the world and the world's most valuable yarns in the world for 5000 years. Especially when you touch your tennis silks that make you feel special. Each one is a classic, we have never designed our sophisticated products that will be obsolete in your closet and offer care with our eclectic approach to your liking. We know that our customers are at any instant of their life without noticing the night. Even with our products we have experienced the most valuable moments of our customers together with memorable memories. However, we produce yesterday, today and tomorrow without compromising our quality of your skin and our quality. Thanks to all of these, we have taken a lot of steps to a sustainable fashion, not only human being in 1992 but also to nature, but also to nature, the importance and consciousness to our planet. We've moved every other day with more confidently, firm and confidently. We continued to knitting a priceless powerful bond.

Content: 85% silk 15% cashmere

Mold: cutting fit

Knitting Frequency: 14GG (Gage) 2 times yarn

Black silk and cashmere round collar short sleeve aleyna knitwear