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Black Valentin Perfume 50 ml

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The most soft tissue of the world is moving to your skin with the magical world of cashmere, Valentin perfume.

Musculin and the stunning smell of tobacco and the valentin from the smell of sweet honey that surrounds him; White musk is impersonating on a stunning identity. Especially in the anti-dogu cultures, Aphrodisiac, stimulating and muscle is considered to be masculine with the musk, hypnotic vanilla, which consolidates with a masculine but it is an unisex an odor.

Gift Valentin who also appeals to women who love masculin spicy odors as well as masculin spicy fragrances with mystical air. Valentin from the Saint Valentine of Lovers Lovers will add valentines day enthusiasm to your every day.

Valentin perfume is only on sale in extrait de parfum form, while moving 30% perfume extract to upper levels; Continuously refreshing your senses in the day to get you and the fascinating effect of those around you.

With the minimal and bottle design, the material used in the first time at the first time, the material used in Valentin is fully recyclable natural glass and is designed to prevent our perfume from being damaged by light.

Black Valentin Perfume 50 ml